Joëlle Goulding

Research Fellow in Advanced Microscopy
University of Nottingham

"I need to be supported so I can then support other people"

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It's proving that your role is important. That, I need to be supported so I can then support other people.

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When a microscope breaks, it's not the end of the world. We can get someone to fix it but if they can't fix it or they don't know what the problem is or there's continuing annoyances that mean you lose an experiment and that's wasted time.

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Team Science

What Team Science means to me is working together but also acknowledging everyone who is involved in that work. So not only the person whose idea it was but the person who's doing the experiments; the person who's troubleshot all those problems; the person who's doing the imaging or the image analysis; all those people are involved, and that's kind of what team science is.

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