Jeanette Woolard

Research Associate Professor
Deputy Director of COMPARE
The University of Nottingham

"My hope is that 'COMPARE' becomes that beacon of what team science can actually be." 

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Career Path

I was promoted to associate professor in 2015, and this initiative (COMPARE) started around that time. So I was very junior compared to my esteemed colleague (Stephen Hill), but I think I brought a different flavour to our panel and helped promote a more junior aspect to it in terms of mentoring and the future of COMPARE.

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We need to make sure that the people who have contributed or were the technologists who developed some of the technology that was used for publication are actually recognised as contributing to that output.

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Team Science

Team science, interdisciplinary science what is it, what does it mean at COMPARE? 

When I was tasked with somehow bringing a team science approach to COMPARE at the beginning, I didn't know what that meant so I went and spoke with Ann Ridley, and I understood better that it was about making sure junior colleagues had recognition on publications. We made sure there was a clear career path for colleagues that were maybe not on that PI track, and we had a more cohesive and collegiate atmosphere.

I hope that COMPARE becomes that beacon of what team science can actually be.

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I think the one that needs to be added is people. COMPARE is trying to develop and continually evolve, and one area that we're trying to move forward is our association with some of the clinical fellows so that we develop a slightly more clinical relevance. From my perspective and a team science perspective, I think that will make us truly unique. The publication power will improve and perhaps some of the finance in terms of better submissions to MRC. Because you have not only the basic science but also the clinical element. I think that will make those submissions stronger.


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