John Harrington

Facility Manager - LEMAS
University of Leeds

"We need people coming into the unit and feeling they're achieving something when they leave the unit."

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Career Path

I started my career as a technician for 19 years, and then I did a work-based masters degree that allowed me to go above the glass ceiling on the technical scale and I then became an experimental officer.

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I think once you are off the technical scale and you are more on the academic research scales then I think it's essential that you have publications. You're not going to progress otherwise as this is an academic institution and that's how they and/or you are measured.

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Team Science

We were the Department of Metallurgy, and we just dealt with metallurgists and maybe a few ceramicists. Gradually our remit has expanded. So now our customer base - the people that use the unit - come from across the university not just the physical sciences but also some of the biological sciences as well. So very much interdisciplinary.

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Without the finance and the technology, you're not going to have any publications.

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