Meet the scientists who are advancing global science through
technical skill and biological knowledge.

This is an incredibly exciting time to be an imaging scientist. Technology and new solutions are evolving faster than ever. 

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Ask anyone in the field, and they’ll tell you about the amazing technological and scientific advances being done in their labs, in their facilities and all over the world.

Through this project, you will discover why imaging scientists are just so essential for the future of scientific discovery, what motivates them, the challenges and opportunities they face and who these Imaging Scientists are.  

We hope you enjoy meeting and learning about our Imaging Scientists.

People of Imaging

  • An imaging scientist has excellent imaging and analytical skills. I think that analytical skills are as important as imaging skills.

    Tatsiana Molchan Advanced Technologist
    NSG Group
  • So I'm training new PhD students making sure that they are getting sensible and useful data that would help them with their projects.

    Zabeada Aslam Research Officer
    University of Leeds
  • A good day at work is when I can sit with some users at the microscope, and they say 'wow' this is a good image.

    Andreas Bruckbauer Facility Manager
    Imperial College London
  • An imaging scientist is used to seeing things that no one else sees.

    Liam Dwyer Advanced Technologist
    NSG Group
  • It's a great opportunity to learn new things because I have never worked with glass before. I have now been at NSG for about three years.

    Irina Gordovskaya Advanced technologist
    NSG Group
  • An imaging scientist helps the users get the best out of the equipment to answer their question.

    Leandro Lemgruber Soares Imaging Technologist
    University of Glasgow

Recognising and Celebrating Imaging Scientists

We explore who ‘imaging scientists’ are, their contribution to science and the opportunities and challenges they face day-to-day in using imaging to answer scientific questions.

Career Path

Imaging Scientists follow many different paths to their positions.

Recognition section


In different departments and institutions, approaches vary for acknowledging contribution and achievement.

Technology section


Rapid developments in imaging technology are enabling new scientific discoveries but requires expert Imaging Scientists to ensure technical capabilities are matched to requirements and goals of experiments.

Imaging scientist sections
Team section

Team Science

Cross-discipline collaboration expands the scientific questions we can answer and the critical problems we can solve.

Recognition section


Imaging technology and staff require sustainable funding and business plans to ensure research excellence.

people section


Imaging Scientists provide critical training for young scientists and ensure instrumentation is maintained and used correctly.