Meet the
Imaging Scientists

John Harrington Image

John Harrington

Facility Manager - LEMAS
University of Leeds

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Carina Monico Image

Carina Monico

Assistant Facility Manager
Micron Oxford Advanced Bioimaging Unit

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Ann Wheeler Image

Ann Wheeler

Head of Advanced Light Microscopy &
Super-resolution Microscopy facility
University of Edinburgh

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Joëlle Goulding Image

Joëlle Goulding

Research Fellow in Advanced Microscopy
University of Nottingham

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Lucy Collinson Image

Lucy Collinson

Head of Electron Microscopy
The Francis Crick Institute

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Peter O'Toole Image

Peter O'Toole

Head of Imaging and Cytometry
University of York

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Jeanette Woolard Image

Jeanette Woolard

Research Associate Professor
Deputy Director of COMPARE
The University of Nottingham

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Stephen Hill Image

Stephen Hill

Professor of Molecular Pharmacology
Director of COMPARE
The University of Nottingham

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Rik Drummond-Brydson Image

Rik Drummond-Brydson

Professor of Nanomaterials Characterisation
University of Leeds

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Mike Ferguson Image

Mike Ferguson

Regius Professor of Life Sciences and
Academic Lead for Research Strategy
University of Dundee

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Paul Appleton Image

Paul Appleton

Senior Research Associate
University of Dundee

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Claire Jones Image

Claire Jones

Lead Technologist
Materials Properties and Surface Analysis Group
NSG Group

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People of Imaging

Many thanks to all that have taken part in this project
  • An imaging scientist helps the users get the best out of the equipment to answer their question.

    Leandro Lemgruber Soares Imaging Technologist
    University of Glasgow
  • An imaging scientist is a bit of everything so like a biologist, chemist; you should be able to be a physicist, and you should understand computers. So is a bit of a chameleon.

    Marco Marcello Centre for Cell Imaging
    University of Liverpool
  • A good day at work is when I can sit with some users at the microscope, and they say 'wow' this is a good image.

    Andreas Bruckbauer Facility Manager
    Imperial College London
  • We do a lot of outreach work with schoolkids as well to show them how beautiful an image is. That's my passion.

    Tim Self Head of SLIM- School of Life Sciences Imaging Facility
    University or Nottingham
  • Probably the most important is making sure that things work and people have solutions available to them.

    Alex Sossick Head of Imaging Facility
    University of Cambridge
  • I think ultimately you are a scientist asking a question and you're using the facilities you have to do that.

    Laura Kilpatrick Postdoctoral Researcher
    University of Nottingham
  • Someone that can get the most out of the equipment and can work with people to work out what they want. Getting the best results possible from that sample.

    Stuart Micklethwaite Electron Microscopy Support Technician
    University of Leeds
  • So I'm training new PhD students making sure that they are getting sensible and useful data that would help them with their projects.

    Zabeada Aslam Research Officer
    University of Leeds
  • We're all scientists here whether you know someone's doing a PhD, postdoc or you're a technician.

    Seema Rajani Technician
    University of Nottingham
  • An imaging scientist is used to seeing things that no one else sees.

    Liam Dwyer Advanced Technologist
    NSG Group
  • An imaging scientist has excellent imaging and analytical skills. I think that analytical skills are as important as imaging skills.

    Tatsiana Molchan Advanced Technologist
    NSG Group
  • It's a great opportunity to learn new things because I have never worked with glass before. I have now been at NSG for about three years.

    Irina Gordovskaya Advanced technologist
    NSG Group
  • An imaging scientist is one comfortable with exposing themselves to new techniques and learning all the time.

    Mark Soave Postdoctoral Researcher
    University of Nottingham